Grumman TF-9J Cougar Trainer in 1/32 scale.


Grumman TF-9J / F9F-8T Cougar trainer,

Kit No. 3203

A highly detailed kit of Gumman's successful training adaptation of the Cougar. Known by those who flew them as the "Twogar" or "Two-Cougar", these 'planes trained the bulk of Navy jet pilots for many, many years.The kit is a faithful rendering of the two seat Cougar, complete with both Grumman and Martin-Baker ejection seats, drop tanks, Sidewinders and a set of four 2.75" rocket pods for the FAC ship as flown into combat in VietNam.

A huge decal sheet proveide markings for 6 differnt aircraft, icluding the famous Ble Angels ship, four navy training ships in various examples of the "split" scheme, and a Marines ship that flew Forward Air Control  in gull gray over white.Stencils and canopy sealing  are included on the decals, and the canopies are cast in clear resin.

One of the most colorful models in our line, an easy build and sure to turn heads in the showcase.

NOTE: As of October 15, we have only 15 sets of decals remaining for this kit.This is the giant sheet with six different subjects including the Blue Angels.Once these are gone the kit will go OOP for the forseeable future so please act fast.